Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about HayyaBuild? Our FAQ will help you with initial and frequently asked questions. If you are already using HayyaBuild on your WordPress site visit our Help Center. Before starting your first ticket, please try searching the online documentations for an answer.

What after sale support do I get?

HayyaBuild comes with extensive documentation to help you get started. In case you have some questions do not hesitate to visit our Help Center, where you can create a support ticket. Our support team will then get back to you shortly.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, you can get all updates of HayyaBuild completely for free.

Can I use HayyaBuild on more than one website?

For each website new regular license should be bought. Read more about regular license on CodeCanyon.

Why and when do i need my Envato Purchase Code ?

You need your Envato Purchase Code to get free updates automatically. It also allows you to register on the support site to get free support.

Where can I find my Purchase Code?

There is a detailed tutorial on how to find your Envato purchase Code right here.

Is HayyaBuild compatible with Woocommerce ?

Is HayyaBuild compatible with Woocommerce ?

Is HayyaBuild multisite compatible?

Yes, HayyaBuild supports WordPress multisite. You just have to install HayyaBuild on a multisite WP installation, and then activate it on the network. Each site will then have a standalone instance of the plugin with its own sources and contents.

Will the HayyaBuild Plugin work with my theme?

Yes, it can be work with any theme to build Shortcodes, pages content and you can use our Gutenberg blocks with any theme.
In some themes you may need to add HayyaBuild code in your header.php and footer.php to be able to build headers and footers
If you have any difficulties to install it or to add HayyaBuild code to your theme don’t hesitate to contact our Help Center

I am developer. how can I integrate it with my commercial theme?

To build headers and footers with HayyaBuild you have to add a simple PHP code to header.php and footer.php
We create a simple WordPress theme that will help you to get a look at how does it work.

By starting your first ticket remember to provide all details about your issue.

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To submit a new ticket you have to register in our support system. Then add your purchase code in your profile details.