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+30 New Gutenberg Blocks List

Here is a Gutenberg Blocks List that comes with HayyaBuild. This WordPress plugin comes with more than 30 Gutenberg blocks. They embrace the breadth of functionality WordPress is capable of, with the clarity of consistent user experience. With this Gutenberg blocks, you can insert, rearrange, and style website content with very little technical knowledge. So, you can use HayyaBuild blocks with pages editor. Posts editor or any post type using Gutenberg editor.

Gutenberg Blocks List

Double Sided Box Block

Content box with two faces, it will change to second face when hover.

Modal Box Block

The Modal Box block is a dialog box/popup window that is displayed on top of the current page.

Accordion Block

Accordion are a group of elements that expand when clicked on.

Tabs Block

The tabs structure consists of an unordered list of tabs.

Progress Bar Block

The WordPress progress bar block can be used to show a user how far along he/she is in a process.

Map Block

It is Leaflet map block. To add your business places.

Alert Block

This alert box indicates a warning that might need attention.

Breadcrumb Menu Block

Navigation scheme that reveals the user's location.

Button & Buttons Group

A clickable button and series of buttons in one line.

Info Card Block

Cards are a convenient means of displaying different types of objects content.

Content Box Block

Is box with many options where you can put any other blocks.

Features List Block

Create amazing features list for your products/services.

Magic Box Block

Add any other blocks inside it and configure it to be visible based on some conditions.

Menu Block

It's an online compass that guides the user around a website. Available only for headers.

Row & Columns Block

Grid block offers a grid-based layout system, with rows and columns.

Search Box Block

Is a block which enables the visitors to find words, sentences, and numbers in a pages and posts.

Separator Block

Sometimes you need to separate the content visually, here are the options.

Simple Menu Block

It's a simple online compass that guides the user around a website.

Social Menu Block

Social media icons can be displayed on your site in different ways.

Sticky Box Block

This content box will stick to the screen when you reach scroll position.

Testimonial Block

A testimonial is a form of recommendation that may be used to highlight a person's abilities.

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