HayyaBuild 2.1 released

12 September 2016, the ZintaThemes published version 2.1 of HayyaBuild plugin. With this milestone we introduce new features since version 2.0 and some fixed bugs.

Change Log

  • New Element: Bootstrap Panels.
  • New Feature: Now you can active and deactivate any element.
  • New Feature: CSS Editor, to insert CSS code to WordPress pages.
  • Improvements: Include HTMLPurifier library, HTML filter that guards against XSS and ensures standards-compliant output.
  • Improvements: Re-adjust colors and CSS code in the backend
  • Improvements: Separation of headers and footers in backend to avoid confusion when the list is long
  • Improvements: Remove unwanted HTML attributes from frontend with HTMLPurifier to make website more faster.
  • Improvements: Minify some of CSS and JS files to make website more faster by decreasing the file size.
  • Fixed bug: In Responsive embed element “the embed code not rendered in frontend”.
  • Fixed bug: In Bootstrap Progress bar element “Progress bar not rendered in backend”.
  • Fixed bug: In Google Map element “Javascript error in map when content is more than one line”.
  • Fixed bug: fixing some of spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed bug: Video background not work.
  • Other features, improvements and bugs fixes.
And of course, this new version also includes many Improvements to make this plugin more fast and more stable.  


To Get HayyaBuild you can download it from hayyabuild codecanyon only for 16$

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