HayyaBuild 1.0 released

HayyaBuild is a powerful and straight forward backend drag-and-drop WordPress plugin that offers responsive headers and footers builder, this plugin is lets you to create an unlimited number of headers and footers variations using drag-and-drop. Create and manage powerful headers and footers for your wordpress blog or website, its an easy to use plugin that will help you to save your time and grab your visitor’s. No coding required HayyaBuild is a simple drag and drop interface. its generates all the highly efficient code for you. you’ll never need to write a single line of code. Autocratically included js files and css files for elements only when you use it. Save your time Writing a lot of HTML, CSS and JS can be a pain and can give you headaches and take a long time to get it done. So with HayyaBuild you can create professional header and footer in just 5 minutes. Also you can export and import it to avoid repeating the same steps every time you do.

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