The #1 WordPress Builder Plugin
HayyaBuild is an awesome and powerful drag and drop WordPress plugin. with HayyaBuild you can build unlimited headers, pages content and footers for your WordPress website without the needs for writing any code.
HayyaBuild is a simple and highly intuitive WordPress builder comes with several ready to use modules that you can add to your WordPress headers, pages and footers. HayyaBuild modules comes with HayyaBuild plugin without the needs for another WordPress plugins.

You can also export all HayyaBuild contents from one HayyaBuild installation into another. HayyaBuild also comes with more than 35 modules that you can drag and drop anywhere in your WordPress website. HayyaBuild generates all the highly efficient code for you. you’ll never need to write a single line of code. Autocratically included JavaScript files and CSS files for modules only when you use it.


Header Builder and Footer Builder

With HayyaBuild you can build an unlimited Headers and Footers for your WordPress website with unlimited possibility. Also you can drag-and-drop, add, copy and paste modules into a responsive layout for your headers or footers.

Pages Content Builder

It is not like other pages builder plugins!! With HayyaBuild you can build your pages content from one place without the needs for editing all pages separately.

HayyaBuild Features

  • Different HayyaBuild Content on each Page - crate a header and footer for each page, also can create a default header and footer to appear on all pages that are not allocated Header and Footer.
  • Fully Responsive & Retina - Responds to the screen resolution, works on all desktop and mobile devices.
  • Visibility Options - Visibility classes let you show or hide modules based on screen size or device orientation. You can use visibility classes to control which modules users see depending on their browsing environment.
  • Drag and Drop Modules - Drag and drop is a more responsive and very common feature. It is when you "grab" an module and drag it to a different location.
  • Copy and Paste Modules - Simply hover over the module you want to copy and hit the Copy button on the top toolbar, and paste it into any container that you want.
  • Export and Import - This feature helps to export and/or import headers or footers. Using it you can easily transfer header and footers from one wordpress site to the other.
  • Ready for Translation - This plugin is ready for translation and its currently working in English only, and work is underway to add another languages.
  • Parallax Scrolling - is a technique in computer graphics and web design, where background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene and adding to the immersion.
  • Create Unlimited Content - You can create as many as you want. Headers, Content and Footers and customize it for pages that you want to appear on.
  • Scroll Effects for all Module - Scale Out, Scale In, Slide Left, Slide Right, Slide UP, Slide DOWN, Left Rotation, Right Rotation, Fade IN, Fade OUT, Parallax Background (UP), Parallax Background (DOWN)
  • Image,Video and color background
  • More than 35 module

Responsive, Fast, and Modern


Create and manage powerful contents for your wordpress blog or website, its an easy to use plugin that will help you to save your time and grab your visitors.